document.write("gum@g"); Date(s) of creation: October 3, 1874. One or two passengers and their friends on shore recognized each other; but as messages could only be transmitted from the ship to shore, but not vice versa, no satisfactory communication could be had, and those who were most interested were looking anxiously for the report of the Harbour-Master and Health Officer, who started in the Eleanor for Port Adelaide at about 3 o'clock. :—. Janmaat, The stranded ship City of Adelaide was favored by a good tide on Friday morning:, September 4, and the tugs being ready she come off the bank before high water, and was at once towed to Port Adelaide, where she was moored alongside the Company's 'Wharf. by Robert . Ada Dunk, nine months, died 4th August; We leave the readers to judge our present position. The world's oldest surviving composite clipper ship. For G. and R. Wills, and Co.— 47 cases, 2bales, 6 trunks. Steddon, 23, miner. Beswick, Edward, 32; Jane, 31; On crossing the Southern Ocean fine breezes prevailed, only interspersed with a couple of gales, during which the ship was hove-to for 48 hours. These were in addition to her own complement of passengers in the cabin, and for their accommodation the 'tween decks were fitted up in the usual manner of bygone days, save and except it was not entirely clear, for a space before the main hatchway was filled with cargo. ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes, Sources: State document.write("