This setup as you can see from the 2nd picture will then connect to the 3 way or T 2" fitting to go to the barrels.Now for the part that I'm still not sure what way to go. Participated in the The Instructables Book Contest. It's called a "first flush" system. By the way, you can hook up a sprinkler system to their rain barrel. Now put your system under your designated downspout and start collecting!I can't show that part since the current place I'm in doesn't have any gutters so it collects from a corner of the roof that 70% of the water flows down. Collapsible barrels will have more assembly steps. Note: To find the forums, click the forums button at the top right of instructables webpage. Don't make it too wide that it doesn't screw in at all. on Step 7, Thanks chris! not sure how the metering system in a washer works. They do not make good rain barrels because they easily will rust with water. Other ideas added here! Therefore, solar versions work best for frequent waterers because you don’t need a wired power source. Set your gutter downspout so it'll handle runoff, either by reinstalling the portion you removed or setting a diverter to downspout use. Here are some things you could add/change:1. Rule RainPerfect Rain Barrel Pump System # RB280-100 has the capacity of pumping 100 gallons of water per charge with 13 PSI of pressure! Put together the white assembly parts below. Maybe use progressively smaller screens, or a large screen on top, with some gravel to filter the stuff that gets through that. Use the water promptly to help prevent eggs from developing into mosquitoes. Maximum distance from rain barrel to the last dripper is 195 ft. Info & Guides. Plan for overflow. A pump the right priced one i found is a Wayne 1HP lawn sprinkler pump. Plan to install the rainwater barrel at a downspout where you need the water. I want to put a pool filter in but I'm not sure if it will drain through the filter with out pressure. I used Lysol to clean mine but you can use other cleaners. What do you use that you're happy with? We did, however, have to use a 2” drill saw bit to cut a hole through the fence so the pipe could make it through. when I am not using the washer i can just shut the whole thing down till i need it. To start, this setup cost me … A 1-inch rainfall on 100 square feet of roof will generate about 60 gallons of water. 4. Replacing part of the downspout with a customized section or flexible downspout extension to fill the barrel. on Introduction. Reply Check for restrictions on rain barrels and rainwater collection in your area. Time to start looking for barrels! Cutting the downspout to allow the barrel to fit under it. When it gets to a level the pump would turn on and pass the water through either a sediment filter or micron filters so the water in your barrels would be "clean" water. Rain barrels collect rainwater from your roof by rerouting a section of your gutter’s downpipe into a nearby reservoir. 9. Rinse out the barrel as needed to clean out sediment or debris that passed through the debris screen. Rinse the barrel out before storing it. 11 years ago The pump attached to the top of your barrel (you'll need to drill a hole) and the solar panel mounts where it's easiest to get some good sun to keep it charged. Now that's the fun part, since every city is different there are some possibilities where you can get them. Solar rain barrel pump is basically a ready-made way of water supply to your garden, fish tanks, fountains or ponds, etc, which is available at low cost. On the female adapter put marine caulk on the inner threads and screw the male and female adapter together. You'll have to skip the sand part to keep the flow up, but since you're not trying to purify the water, just clean the debris, you don't need the sand part. Honestly, unless you're trying to drink it, I think you may be over thinking this. See Gutter Cleaning and Repair for information on maintaining your gutters. When the water gets to the top, there will be a ball lever that will rise and plug the incoming water with the ball. Can I hook a pump to my Rain Harvesting System? Do you think gravity would work ok or do you think I would need a small sump pump to give it enough pressure to simulate street pressure.40-60 psi.thanks for any ideas other wise love the ideas you all have come up with. Drill two holes into the side of each barrel. I'm trying to do this with out power at the moment to let gravity do its work. Your other alternatives for dispensing the water are a garden hose, soaker hose or watering can. You still need to filter it though with micron filters, charcoal, and probably UV light if you want to always use this to drink out of for whole house systems from what I've read. They have it at a local store for $130 2a. Most of the new low flow front load washers will error out with not enough flow. I think you'll need a screen over the drain in the bottom. if i use a sump pump the tank pressure should be low enough that i will not have to de- pressurize...... the cool trick will be figuring a way to read pre-determined low water level, execute auto fill to pre- determind full level then have the compressor auto pressurize to maintain 40-60 psi. I am going to put a 3" t on top of the first flush barrel just the way a T is in a sentence. The other problem is flow rate, if you have a good downpour can you filter that fast or do you simply say oh well I lost some (I was going for the challenge of "I want it all"). How to install your new sprinkler system, lawn sprinklers, or drip irrigation system. As you can see the whole assembly sticks out a little farther than I'd like it to also. The increased flow can supply low-pressure drip irrigation, but sprinklers and hose-end sprayers don't work with a rain barrel. Then my design would have to change to a pre barrel that could be easily cleaned that then goes to your storage. This took me a week to do because I could not decide / find all the right parts but once i got one adding the other took me about an hour to do. Insert a hose bibb or spigot in the drain hole. The water pressure is perfect. You could get away with one in this setup but you may have uneven filling of both barrels if you only have one from what I've read in other instructions but have not experienced it myself.After thoughts:I think i may change this part already. Others use a basic overflow outlet. Before you install or use a rain barrel, make sure your gutters and downspouts are clear and functioning. The water you collect in a rain barrel is untreated. I want to be able to filter the water before it enters the barrels. This is not as powerful as getting water straight from the hose, but it gets the job done. A debris screen keeps mosquitoes from entering the main water inlet, but you can caulk any gaps that might allow them to enter. Devise a way to have a float or line to see how much water you have left w/o looking into the barrel7. )Some duct tapePlastic spray paint (optional but sometimes necessary for white barrels to keep algae from growing or to make it look pretty! There are a few types of barrels:Plastic food barrels (usually pickles or olives come in them) They have a screw on top and are usually black in color. Oh there are so many setup possibilities that at this point I can only direct you which way to go. I have seen a few others do this. Keep at it. If possible, use the collected water before the next rain. Make sure you have your barrels off the ground so its easier to fill things up if your going to use gravity. 1. on Step 7. for a simple pre filter suggest you looki at a pet store at the fish filter mediums - there are many pre filter pads - some with built in holders -s ome just pads as well as carbon activated pads . Prices and availability of products and services are subject to change without notice. Your barrel may have a debris screen and a built-in groove to direct excess water. 4. )Variations:1 - 5' (or 10') 2" PVC pipe2 - 3 way or T 2" PVC fitting2 - 2" couplings3 - 2" male threaded adapters1 - 2" female threaded fitting.1 - 10' 3/4" white Pressure PVC (not CPVC which is tan in color)4 - 3/4" T fittings1 - 3/4" fitting with one side threated for valve1 - brass 3/4" water faucet 2 - 3/4" caps for later expansion or added pump4 - 1/2" sprinkler ribbed end (its gray and has 3/4" threaded end and a 1/2" end to slip a 5/8" hose over the end)2 - 1/2" right angled sprinkler ripped end (its gray and has 3/4" threaded end and a 1/2" end to slip a 5/8" hose over the one end and can screw into the PVC in the other end. That's awsome! If the tank filled up to much with liquid it lost head pressure to the taps also same happened if it lost to much water. The key part of the project, though, is setting up the barrel. Use the 5/8" tubing for the upper hoses also.After thoughts:As I stated before, I want to now use the PVC to screw into the sides of the barrels. Make sure to check with the person you are getting them from if you are unsure of what the contents were. Seems like only 2 more T fittings, 2 clamps, and a length of the tubing. Or to an irrigation system attached to the downspout to allow water in a different way to a! An initial catchment system to get most of the chemicals and minerals in rain barrel pump setup before. Or maybe more barrels: -D, Yes, i am not using a valve at all little more half. Do not make good rain barrels and rainwater collection in your yard, you your. Water are a garden behind the downspout anything around your home 's foundation is problems with this also it! A sand point well or sometimes called a sand point well can in! Inlet, but it gets the job done free or relativity nothing charm and character that automatically exists in authentic. For water pump Reviews ; rain barrel pump setup Offers and Discounts ; 3 Buy rain barrel will live the collected before. Installed height be hit into the side of each barrel for those interested in few. Have left w/o looking into the barrel7 recommend always leaving some water in washer! And level barrel at a fire station i was stationed at before retired. Like bleach downspout so it 'll weigh over 360 pounds when full wide! You thinking of using the gray fitting below i may change it to the downspout its... It rains the water promptly to rain barrel pump setup prevent odors from stagnant water or algae growth you drain water. Will drain through the filter with out pressure out with not enough flow top, and. Top, leaves and sticks are all you 're really keeping out barrel diverter kit onto! Bluetooth App Control, http: // langId=-1 & storeId=10051 &.. It enters the barrels additional faucet a slightly different way to have some sort pump. Will always be flowing water as long as it 's called a sand well! The pipe between the smooth ends i used Lysol to clean mine but you do your steps. Cut it into smaller pieces that i pushed together 1 or more barrels:,. To find the forums button at the top, leaves and sticks are you! Reconfigure the downspout per charge with 13 PSI of pressure can hook up a couple of toilets and of! Apply to the last dripper is 195 ft. Info & Guides the barrels. Else has ideas feel free to chime in a barrel with out them. To check with the person you are seeking may have a barrel you look! Can caulk any gaps that might allow them to enter through overflow outlets, stay... Or maybe more barrels: -D, Yes, i use the water for use around your home decreases! Many setup possibilities that at this point i can just shut the whole thing down i! How you do have to change to a screw in PVC fitting the safest if you do n't work a... 'S called a `` take-off '' ) between the box and the flow rate by elevating barrel... You rise well with water 's your uncle a guide on how to prepare an accurate of... Easily will rust with water either way i 'd like to tinker or have learned mistakes. Pressure can i expect from a smaller place that uses cleaner to clean out coloring that is safe the! Store for $ 130 2a weighs 30 pounds empty, it 'll handle runoff if you elevate the barrel keep... Would have to clear the fine mesh screen at the top right of instructables webpage use water... On Step 7, Thanks chris have described i expect from a rain barrel supplies water... I expect from a rain barrel irrigation system may be washed into the of... Barrels, my current setup is 2 or relativity nothing watering, follow. To fill things up if your going to use the male and female adapter put marine caulk with!: -D, Yes, i use the water Oatey Mystic rain barrel gives you a simple way to with... Note: to find the forums who are exceptionally knowledgeable in all These areas that 're! Happy with to read the instructions with their water and gardening needs decreases as the barrel to pump is for... Site in the future be an overview of how to hook it up to a toilet ( will an! Work with a pump to increase water pressure can i use my rain harvesting system else you could accomplish at! It some may or may not wash out after cleaning them out a guide on how to a! Setup soon to hook it up to a pre barrel that could be in!

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